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    We can get so caught up in day to day living and focusing on being a good musician that we often forget how to play and just get into whatever we’re doing…..like we did as kids. And our child within misses it. 

      I recently read “Trust Your VIbes!” by Sonia Chocquette and there’s a part of the book where she gets into having one of her classes play with crayons. I will confess I have the big box of crayolas and pencils-both color pencils and just plain ol drawing pencils,plus a sketch pad I got at Big Lots. So with a somewhat “this isn’t grown up” state of mind,I opened the sketch book and started doodling with a plain pencil with nothing in mind-wasn’t trying to draw anything I saw-I just noodled on the page. 

   I got surprised. First,after a weeks worth of this doodling things I had no idea why I was doodling,I found I drew a face similar enough to the face on a painting of a Buddah I picked up at a yard sale. I drew it before I went to the sale. I didn’t catch on to this till the painting was up for a few days & I was going thru the sketches I was doing. I asked about this on line & found when you draw something that comes about,it’s called automatic drawing. Now-not everything I doodle is a preminition-sometimes I doodle about something I’m pondering,and at other times I’m just goofing on the paper. But then an amazing thing happens. My Higher Self starts popping up with different thoughts in my head-it could be a new idea,an answer to a question I’ve had,a solution to something puzzling in my life,and sometimes it’s accurate but not requested info-just those helpful “out of the blue” thoughts. And it also gives my inner child a chance to come out and play,which makes me feel better afterward-I feel like I really nurtured myself in taking 20-30 min just to goof around on a piece of paper. I keep my doodlings just to see if anything else occurs in my life that really ties in with the sketchings I do. And a lot of times,little informative messages come out on the paper-most of my own stuff is half writing and half doodles. So I date the page now for reference. 

      You can also do this with watercolors,markers,paints,anything that strikes your fancy and it doesn’t have to be pricey. Look at discount stores and art supply sales for good deals. You may even want to pick up a special box for your tools of art whether they be crayons or painters brushes or pens. You could grab a smaller sketch pad for being on the go and have a bigger one at home. Experiment with this for a week or so and see how it helps you. And don’t censor what you draw. Just let it flow.