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      I’ve been reading a book called “Choose Yourself!” by James Altucher and what an amazing read this is- I got the Kindle version for 99¢ and I owe him a HUGE thank you. This book really unveils a lot about the current era as far as making ones way thru the world without dipping into methods that worked in previous eras,like working a regular job. The author has shown me that on several levels my opinions on working the regular 9-5 gig has been correct: it’s a huge waste of time,and as an employee your boss could care less about you,never mind that you’ll never be paid what you’re worth…..so you’re stuck on a treadmill that never ends. I’ve done that twice in my life,working two gigs at two different jobs for nearly 10 years each. In the end? I couldn’t move up in either place of employment (I wasn’t part of the “original clique”) ,my pay wasn’t living wage,my bosses seemed to have a “thing” against me as well as my co workers,this after I had invested years of effort and giving it “my all” to prove myself as an employee and to “move up”. Lesson learned: managers and supervisors hate those who are smarter than they are because they feel threatened and intimidated. That’s when the really abusive treatment starts in those nebulous ways you can’t pinpoint or file a complaint about. (No,this isn’t going to be a rant-read on,cause it gets brighter)

     James goes on to show you the mind set and methods of moving forward in the “Choose Yourself!” era and it’s all about doing your own thing…..which includes having your failures,dusting off your knees after getting up,and giving it another try. He’s confirmed that my thoughts about working for corporates was spot on-even waaay back in the 90’s. There’s a ton of good advice in the book and I haven’t even finished it yet. 

     He’s gotten me to realize I’m indeed something special. (we all are,I think-some of us just don’t realize it yet) I used to put myself down for playing multiple instruments……call myself “scatterbrained” “nonfocused” and “Indecisive”. Why couldn’t I be like most folks who are content with one instrument,for cryin out loud? Reading this I realize what an amazing gift I’ve been handed. To be able to play at least 4 instruments well and read music for them is a pretty astonishing feat,if I do say so myself. I think the inspiration for that came from a girl in Australia when I was in grade school. We exchanged a few letters (snail mail for the younger folk out there) and I was blown away to read that she played something like five different instruments. She wasn’t even a teen yet! I don’t even remember if I was learning guitar yet at that time-my first instrument. But it made a deep impression on me. 

     The next thing the book triggered has been answering the question of “what am I doing with it?” Not much. Which has been insane. Partially due to my upbringing,which I have written about before-in short,my mom wasn’t going to have her guitarist daughter playing for anybody. Period. Such a thing was deemed to be a show of ego and wanting to be the center of attention,which was seen as the most repulsive thing a person cold do,not to mention I was a Leo,and to my astrological chartin’ momma,that was also disastrous.  I have unconsciously carried out her wishes for decades,tho she left the planet over 12 years ago. 

      What would I think of a multi talented person who never shared their talents for others? I’d think them nuts. I’d be saying to them” “what’s wrong with you? Why aren’t you playing for others????” I also read in this book there’s a dude out there that does all his music performing via utube. He more than supports himself doing it,never performs live anywhere. Holy crap-I could be doing that! He even sells his CDs over the web. No touring,nothing like that. The book has taken away any excuse I have used,thank God. 

     Get a copy of this book because it opens a lot of doors in your mind-lately,I’ve been pondering using my comedic gifts-not the stand up variety,mind you….not sure what I’ll do with it yet-but I’ve always been able to get folks laughing. 

     Honor your talents and gifts even if you were told not to-and share them. Everyone has a talent or two,and was placed here now to share them. This is a way of “being the light” in the world,and the world desperately needs it at this time. No person would ever be born on this Earth without a talent/gift that would enable them to make their way thru the world. Spirit knows that $$ is needed to function here and would never send you out without a way to earn it in an honest way. Be sure to realize the working 9-5 thing is a way of life that’s dying out. We’re being freed from our shackles that have taken the form of time cards and cubicles and assembly lines. Go out and do.