Lent is a strange time of year,as I”m seeing on my FB page more and more people are posting those pics with quotes and some of them are just plain annoying-esp the ones that love to con you into staying small,like that’s the Universes’ plan for you…..which it isn’t. The most popular of these quotes go something along the lines of “you may have a big house,fancy car,but when you pass away your grave will be the same size as everyone elses. Be humble”. I was greeted with that little gem this morning. In my eyes,when we go on the other side we become a part of something much bigger and wonderful-the next leg of the journey. But that’s not what I’m writing about this morning. 

What I want to focus on this morning is letting go of the stuff that keeps us small,holds us back,and ties us down. Age is one. Middle aged rock musicians are often accused of “not wanting to grow up”. Classical,jazz,blues,and other genres of musicians are never held to this oddball “rule”. Why should we be? If you’re getting a lot of this opinion,it’s time to calmly tell these people that what you play is your business,not theirs. 

Empower yourself by learning the parts of a rock tune that really inspires you-you know,the songs you’d hear and say to yourself “Oh man,if I could play that I’d be really good!” And I don’t care how simple the song actually is. I’ve been learning Beatle tunes lately,riffs and all and I can’t tell you how inwardly satisfying it is to my younger,inner selves…..my inner child and my inner teen. (I’m currently learning Led Zep bass lines along with Bach tunes on bass) 

On your own time,dress the part in good taste. I recently picked up some music T shirts for myself featuring an instrument I play or a band I love. I’m also making more long denim skits to wear over this summer. New tank tops,New hair style,and yes,I splurged at the salon and got 2 different formulas to place in my hair after washing it to control the frizz and bring on the natural curls. I avoided these products before and realized the reason I didn’t buy them wasn’t due to a lack on $$,it was a deep rooted feeling that I wasn’t worth it because of my physical age. My inner critic loves to tell my I’m “past my prime”. I may not be 26 anymore but in truth,I’m never past my prime. “cool to you” jewelry can be found on eBay,often at a bargain price. I love sterling silver,so I do some online shopping once in awhile for vintage stuff. 

Forgive yourself for whatever it is you think you did,or for what you didn’t  do. An important part of being resilient is the actual bouncing back into playing. Doesn’t matter if you haven’t played for 2,5,10 or more years or got into a downer “middle age” mindset. Forgive yourself and get back into your groove. No guilt trips into where you might be if you’d only……. (fill in the blank) either. Once you fully realize you can’t go back and do your past over,you’ll be free of a lot of stuff. The now,this very second,is what matters most. Make the most of it. Persist in this way,every day. It can be small steps back into wholeness such as listening to a Triumph CD on the way home from work in the car,etc or placing a bumper sticker on your auto. Go bargain hunting if you’re needing to replace the equipment you sold off some years back. Make this a quest to find the treasure of your musical Self and immerse yourself in it.