Yes indeedy I finally decided to follow my heart and start the page so I can offer guitar lessons ( 6 & 7 string) and my inner musician coaching sessions! The link to it is here so do check it out and do share it with your friends. I do need to get some videos uploaded on it which should be happening in the next week. 

I had been hesitant to do this,to be honest. My inner critic has been going overtime about my “not having any formal training” when it comes to coaching. Yet- when I look back at my life,I’ve always coached those who have needed it when folks I knew had been down and needed an uplifting hand. Teaching rock guitar my inner critic has been yammering old tapes at me- telling me no using everything in the book from “you’re a girl” to “you’re not a shredder”. True on not being a shredder. However,the type of rock I love to play doesn’t call for one to be a shred queen. 

In truth,most of my blog entries as well as absences have all had to do with my journey back into rock n roll creativity,from the playing guitar to actually accepting it wholeheartedly. For many years I looked at my wanting to go back to playing rock as a bad thing……..like being addicted to something one shouldn’t be. And it had to do with old memories and experiences with other musicians,not the instrument or style of music itself.

    I just recently realized that very thing…..that I had to let go of the old negative past and disconnect it from the instrument which meant I had to also release the hurt and trauma of those experiences. Which meant I decided to quit investing emotional reactions in past events because it was only hurting me. Those who had posted hurtful things about me or were toxic jamming partners probably have forgotten all about whatever they did or said. 

To live in a true present is a gift of mindfulness. Whenever you catch yourself going over the old reruns of negative events in your life,stop,take a deep breath,and release it on the exhale. Then purposefully bring yourself into the NOW.  Do this when you’re playing songs,practicing scales,whenever those old tapes hit automatic rerun. Stop playing those movies in your mind and heart.