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     There has been a young man who skateboards up & down my street with a semi hollow body guitar strapped to him. This has went on for a couple of years,and we’ve never been outside at the same time.

    As fate would have it,he went riding past me while hitting his D string of his guitar while I happened to be out in the yard weeding,and he heard me make a humorous comment,stopped dead in his tracks,and the next thing I know,we’re engaged in conversation. He’s shocked to know I play,lets me know he’s a devout Christian and attends church regularly,and is amazingly in-between generations.

     He has a paper application to fill out for a job,and when I ask about why he doesn’t apply online,he tells me he wants to make a personable impression. More shocking is the lack of a mobile device. This guy could’ve been my age,yet he’s only 25. His name? Amid all the rapid conversation,we never get to the point of name exchanging. He’s quit jobs due to the fact he was the only employee working at jobs he’s been hired for-which meant the lazy workers dumped their work on him. (I’ve been in his spot and no,it ain’t pleasant!) 

Thru more conversation,I find he’s wanting to focus on country guitar,tho he’s collaborating with a guy he knows who’s into rap music. I inwardly wince when he belittles the country music style he loves as soon as he mentions that he plays it. I too am hesitant- he offers his guitar to me to play but I turn him down…. much to my surprise. This is a seemingly fantastic kid & here one of my inner blocks kicks in before I can step up to counter act it. I want to offer him help in playing should he need it,but we never get to that point. He’s busy telling me what’s going on in the neighborhood,about his Dad & sister that he lives with,and the Christian band he has going. It’s like he’s just spilling everything right in front of me. 

I’m also aware that I’ve been asking my angels & guides for a chick around my age to knock around with musically and it would seem they’re sending me this young man instead. I have been wanting to work musically with youth for quite awhile as far as helping their playing ability and teaching themselves to live a creatively healthy lifestyle. And admittedly,I’ve been blocking myself and belittling myself with flimsy excuses and running from my own mission. 

So it would appear my prayers are being answered in a way that I wasn’t expecting,as my oracle cards have told me these past weeks. 

As far as sychronicity goes,I picked up my electric guitar again a few weeks ago and have been re learning scales and blues styles. (I’m working out of two different electric guitar books!…..one I picked up back in 2011)

So all I can do now is wait till we meet again,and perhaps then we can sit and knock around on guitar together.