Silver SisterHood of Rock Page (For 40 On Up!)

This is the page for those sisters who are sort of in mid life chronologically…with tips on how to live a musically inspired life and sail the seas of being in a true present. 

When I was a girl in my late teens and 20’s,bedecked in jeans and spandex,I was a very different woman than I am now-my interests have widened greatly since being that narrow minded girl,in addition to being far more easy going,tolerant of other people’s views,and I discovered I enjoyed doing things that I swore I would never do as a younger woman……like cooking,knitting,and sewing.

I don’t dress like a rocker all the time when I did when I was a young lass either. Long skirts in the summer,flowing shirts,looser jeans and hand knit wraps in the winter are as much a part of my wardrobe as are the jeans,tank tops,belts,and zebra print hairband. My style of make up has changed to go with my changing face. Lower line eyeliner no longer becomes me,the eyeshadow has gotten lighter,I’m using face cream and coconut oil. But Rush,Led Zeppelin,Beatles,and other rock bands still get played on my stereo & iPod and played along with on my bass.

Becoming active in saving the planet,I’m a farmgirl who’s interested in growing things,being a DIY-er,(I make my own deodorant among other things)and an old time cowgirl in spirit. (Cowgirls have quite a code of honor they follow and I am among them,even if I don’t ride a horse!) 

Banjo has crept into my “instruments I can play now”….melodic bluegrass style. Electric violin has made it into the mix-I wanted to play violin as an early teen,only to have my mother say “No I’m not having that noise in the house”. I swear I had the only parent in the world who didn’t want her daughter playing violin. (But guitars blaring with distortion pedals going full tilt was ok-go figure) Now I’m learning rock and blues on my electric Cecilio violin an a beautiful see thru blue. 

My causes are standing up to animal abuse as well as standing up for abused women.  

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