About Me

When I was 19,I took up bass guitar as where I lived there was an overabundance of rock guitarists-and practically no bass players. I had played guitar since the tender age of 11 and had studied classical and folk fingerpicking. While an electric guitar had been given to me as a teen,with no openings in bands and not knowing how to play lead guitar,compelled me to take up bass. Geddy Lee,John Paul Jones,among others were my influences. So were the Beatles and Paul McCartney and Wings,tho I could never tell anyone that in the 80’s as it was a very judgemental period of time in which the Beatles were considered to be “the Dark Ages”. (I never agreed with that opinion but had to keep my lips sealed) 

Life presented a huge array of challenges in the years to follow and the stage clothes,the playing,and my spirit to a big degree went into a box and stayed there for many years. Suddenly I understood for the first time why so many middle aged people I observed in my 20’s had such a spirit of surrender and seemingly “let themselves go”. They weren’t living an creative authentic life and doing too much for others. I had fallen into that very trap. 

It wasn’t until after I had returned to my original folk music roots and starting my own online store in 2009 that I began to heal. Slowly I started playing different instruments as guitar and bass at that time just had too many negative memories associated with them. This year,I suddenly started missing not playing bass and began playing again. It was like an old part of me coming home-I had kept my 1st bass I ever purchased and dug it out of the storage unit it had been stored in for 11 years. While it needs repairing to be heard again out loud,I do have another bass that keeps me busy,in addition to electric violin,mandolin,and have even started to re learn banjo. 

The writings of Dr Wayne Dyer,Julia Cameron,Doreen Virtue,Sonia Choquette,Lisa Marie Selow and Jean Shineda Bolen helped me walk into a new and exciting spiritual life-one in which I could create what I wanted,come as I am,and know that guides and angels are with me. I am a Celt who is heavily influenced by Buddhist/Hindu thought.

I do teach music on occasion,and have my own line of handcrafted accessories for mandolin,fiddle,and ukulele.

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