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    When I first started writing this blog,it was purely for  middle aged women. However,much to my unexpected surprise,as I continued to write, I discovered male musicians were also reading and subscribing to the posts. What I didn’t tell readers is that there were times I wasn’t sure that this blog would continue as I went thru some intense inner growth periods which challenged me and sometimes left me temporarily uninspired to write for a time.

   However-seeing as the blog has continued to be,and to grow,my angels & guides have also let me know it was time to make this a gender inclusive blog. It honestly had never crossed my mind till recently that women weren’t the only ones who had either given up playing for years or had went back to finding they have to deal with a lot of folks who are still “asleep”,and have the opinion that playing rock music is a sign of “not being able to grow up” or of “being a perpetual Peter Pan” (as my mom would’ve put it) There will always be those who will never understand creatives. My goal is to share with you things that will help you navigate your creative path around these types of people,in addition to nurturing your own creativity.